About Fadó Jewelry

The word fadó means "long ago" in Gaelic - it is one of the most evocative words in the language as many childrens stories so often start with the words "Fadó fadó in Éireann ..." or "Long, long ago in Ireland..."

At, Fadó, we specialise in Celtic themed contemporary Irish Jewelry, drawing on the rich tradition of our Celtic heritage and the beautiful Irish landscape, flora and fauna for our inspiration. The pieces are all designed by our business owner John Condron. John has a deep love of history and tradition - he is committed to preserving the stories and legends and provides tangible memories by way of his jewellery creations. Every piece is made here in Wicklow to his exacting specifications - nothing is allowed out the workshop door unless it is perfect in every way.

Our jewelry is sold in more than 400 select stores across the United States and Canada, and is also available from resellers in Ireland, England, Scotland, Australia and Japan.

Fadó Jewelry is hallmarked at Dublin Assay Office, Dublin Castle, Ireland - your guarantee of the fineness of the product. Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted in our workshops with meticulous attention to detail by our master craftsmen.

Remember, every piece is made in Ireland and is shipped from Ireland!